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Affiliated hospital of university of science and technology of China


The hospital is composed of the general hospital (the headquarters of the hospital), the south district (anhui brain hospital and anhui cardiovascular hospital), the west district (anhui tumor hospital), the hospital for infectious diseases (hefei infectious disease hospital) and the minimally invasive medical center. At present, it covers a total area of 1,158 mu (including planned area), with a total built area of 686,500 square meters and a total construction area (excluding planned area) of 514,300 square meters. The hospital has 2,200 beds, 5,450 open beds and 61 clinical and medical departments. In 2017, a total of 3.684 million outpatient and emergency visits were made, 193,500 hospital discharge visits were made, and 88,000 surgeries were performed. In 2017, anhui ranked first in medical quality and safety inspection of provincial public third-class a hospitals. Since the establishment of "regional medical center collaborative medical strategy network" in 2009, so far it has established strategic cooperative relationship with 69 county and city hospitals in and outside the province. The people's hospital of yingshang county and changfeng county will be fully managed to establish a provincial and county medical community, and the wanghucheng community medical service center of baohe district will be fully managed to establish a community medical community.

The hospital has 6,988 employees, including 6,171 health professionals and technicians, including 788 with senior titles. Nashan, professor and chair of the European transplantation association. There are 1 national leading talent under the ten thousand plan of the organization department of the CPC central committee, 2 special professors of changjiang scholars of the ministry of education, and 1 winner of the national outstanding youth fund. There are 8 specially invited academicians; National health and family planning commission "have made outstanding contributions expert" 2 people, 113 people, the state council and the provincial government experts of anhui province "one hundred plan" and the "one hundred plan" 1, "jianghuai famous doctor" 34 people, academic and technical leaders 36 people in anhui province and a backup 31 people, 25 young talents in anhui province health system, chief physician 24 people. Currently, the hospital has 6 national key clinical specialties construction projects, 17 provincial key clinical specialties in the 12th five-year plan and 9 cultivation specialties. Anhui province "115" industrial innovation team 5; Clinical medical college of university of science and technology of China; Is doctoral student of tianjin medical university joint training points, shandong university medical postgraduate training base in anhui province, anhui medical university affiliated hospital, medical college teaching hospital in southern anhui province, southeast university biomedical engineering centre for translational research and teaching base of digital medical and health care technology, hefei university of technology research to build bases, henan xinxiang medical college master's teaching base. There are 53 teaching sites for master and doctoral students, and 245 supervisors for doctoral and master students. With national resident standardization training base section 34, the first national neurosurgery, angiocardiology specialist standardization training base, national health development planning commission level 4 gynecological endoscopic surgery training base, the first screening and prevention and treatment of cerebral apoplexy base in anhui province, anhui province the first national practical skills of examination of doctors' qualifications examination and examiners training base, the first batch of professional and technical personnel to continue education base in anhui province, anhui province the first group of general practitioners in teacher training base, first glioma diagnosis and treatment center in anhui province, the American heart association cardiovascular emergency training base. It has the qualification of national stem cell clinical research institution and 15 national medicine clinical trials of rheumatism, endocrinology, respiration and TCM tumor.

The hospital insists on developing the hospital through science and education. We will focus on implementing the "scientific research climbing plan", focusing on cutting-edge technologies and major diseases in the medical and health fields, increasing pre-clinical research and clinical application research, building a clinical research center, and building a biological sample bank, a platform for translational medicine and a big data platform for clinical research. At present, it has 3 provincial institutes, 20 provincial medical quality control centers, 3 provincial key laboratories, and the "tumor immunotherapy research center" and "brain resource and brain disease joint research center" jointly built by the university of science and technology of China. In the past decade, it has undertaken 897 scientific research projects, 90 of which were funded by the national natural science foundation of China. 87 scientific and technological achievements have passed the appraisal and registration, and 78 scientific and technological awards at or above the provincial level have been obtained, including 2 first prizes. In total, 8094 scientific papers were published, including 603 SCI papers. Chief editor of more than 10 monographs; Host professional journals such as stereotactic and functional neurosurgery, Chinese journal of clinical health care, clinical blood transfusion and testing, and practical anti-blindness technology.

The hospital has vigorously carried out technological innovation, focusing on key technologies such as supportive transplantation technology, minimally invasive technology, interventional technology, critical and critical care technology, cell transplantation and treatment technology, which have been developed in many disciplines. The introduction of the world's leading tumor radiotherapy equipment TOMO. We are in the first rank in the province in terms of acute and critical treatment, living kidney transplantation, cholangiopancreatoscopy, minimally invasive techniques in gynecology and obstetrics, and nutritional tumor research in geriatric diseases. Intracranial artery stent thrombectomy is becoming more and more mature, the level of cerebral vascular interventional therapy has reached the advanced level in China, and functional neurosurgery, such as epilepsy and Parkinson's disease surgical treatment, has maintained the national lead. The number of CRT cases in the department of cardiovascular medicine has been ranked first in China since 2011. Living kidney transplantation among relatives ranks first in China, living kidney transplantation ranks third in China, and lung transplantation ranks ninth in China. Umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation has entered the international advanced ranks. The southern district ranks 37th among the top 100 hospitals of cerebrovascular diseases in China and first in anhui province. The hospital is listed in the national reserve bank of the project to improve the ability of diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases, with each project receiving up to 150 million yuan of state funds.



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