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Westminster Hospital

Imperial college hospital is one of 11 national institutes of health biomedical research centers that support more than 600 research projects in 15 disease areas. It provides emergency and professional care to nearly two million people in and around north-west London. Imperial college hospital trains doctors, nurses, midwives and paramedics. The NHS trust provides professional training to about 900 medical undergraduates a year, as well as graduate students in London, and is a leader in the field.

The NHS trust has set up an academic centre for medical science with imperial college London and other partners, compared with just six in the UK. In addition, the staff is actively involved in pioneering clinical trials and cutting-edge laboratory research. The NHS trust and imperial college London co-host a national institutes of health (NIHR) biomedical research centre (BRC) of 20 such centres. The title is given only to NHS hospitals with the best research partnerships with universities, leaders in the transformation of research into practice, and the first institutions to adopt new technologies, new technologies and new treatments in the promotion of health; For example, he became one of the leaders of British genome innovation. Hammersmith hospital has a medical research council and a clinical science center.

The combination of the main research results with the actual clinical situation enables doctors to quickly translate the research results into clinical practice, so that patients who come to the hospital can receive the latest treatment.
Our cancer department is one of the most important cancer centers in the country, with the highest recruitment rate for clinical trials across the full range of treatments. We are the key to providing treatment today and tomorrow. We have national treatment centers for gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) and germ-cell tumors, as well as regional centers for almost all complex cancer surgery and many diagnoses. We offer state-of-the-art chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which is one of the best survival rates in the country.

Our hospital has two world-renowned bone marrow transplant departments, which are respectively established in st. Mary's hospital (dedicated to serving children patients) and hammersmith hospital (dedicated to serving adult patients). It was one of the first hospitals in the world to perform allogeneic stem cell transplants, in which stem cells are transferred from one person to another, and has maintained a strong reputation in the field.

In close collaboration with the world-renowned imperial college research institute, we have developed new treatments, including pioneering precision surgery techniques (including robotics) and the latest drug therapies.

We were involved in the development of advanced MRI techniques for glioma risk grading and conducted the world's first brain tumor PET imaging trial. The test helps distinguish between lower-grade tumors and more aggressive ones. This allows us to choose which part of the tumor to biopsy to better understand the tumor, which means we can tailor the treatment to each patient.

We have excellent surgical expertise and the highest success rate in the country for removing all ovarian cancer during surgery. In addition, we are the first center in the world to combine iKnife and Raman spectroscopy during brain tumor surgery. Both of these techniques can perform real-time analysis of the tissue during surgery, distinguish cancerous tissue from non-cancerous tissue, and contribute to more effective surgical localization.



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