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Huashan hospital affiliated to fudan university

Huashan hospital of fudan university was founded in 1907, is a national health family planning committee is a teaching hospital affiliated hospital, fudan university and the Red Cross society of China named hospital, in 1992 the first through the national level of first-class hospital review, as the national civilized unit, is the most famous and one of the most internationalized characteristics YiJiaoYan center, is also the first by JCI certification subordinates public hospitals, enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad.

The hospital has 1216 approved beds and 39 clinical departments and specialties. In 2014, the number of outpatient and emergency visits exceeded 3.84 million (more than half of the patients nationwide and around the world), more than 60,000 patients were discharged, and more than 40,000 surgeries were performed.

It has more than 2,600 employees, medical professionals account for more than 83%, including more than 400 full and associate professors, 3 academicians, 4 national outstanding scholars, 4 "973" chief scientists and 4 changjiang scholars. There are 34 chairmen or vice-chairmen of national professional academic committee and 62 chairmen or vice-chairmen of Shanghai municipal level.

10 key disciplines of the ministry of education -- neurosurgery, hand surgery, neurology, infectious diseases, integrated Chinese and western medicine clinical, urology, nephrology, cardiovascular medicine, imaging medicine, nuclear medicine, general surgery; National clinical key specialty 20 - orthopaedics, nursing specialty (), clinical laboratory, key laboratory, key laboratory (antibiotics), endocrinology,, neurology, neurosurgery, professional (lung) of traditional Chinese medicine, dermatology, urology, kidney disease, surgery, digestive department, oncology, infection, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, medical imaging department; Shanghai clinical quality control center 7 - clinical medicine, neurology, dermatology, laser therapy, nuclear medicine, occupational disease diagnosis, neurosurgery; There are 1 WHO research and training cooperation center, 3 ministry of health and Shanghai key laboratories, various research institutes and nearly 20 centers.

Hospital to improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment, in addition to the general medical equipment purchase, also the introduction of many international advanced medical equipment, such as hd PET/CT and intraoperative mri 3.0, wave a knife, gamma knife, 256 row CT, SPECT, DSA, electron beam imaging system (EBIS), color doppler ultrasound system, ammonia, ultrasonic knife, X - knife, wave crusher, a large number of advanced equipment, such as linear accelerator to huashan hospital medical equipment for the domestic leading, close to the international advanced level.

It has 26 doctoral stations, postdoctoral mobile stations and master's programs. There are 86 doctoral supervisors and 152 master supervisors, and nearly 120 master and doctoral students are trained every year, providing a large number of outstanding medical talents for the country. It hosts nearly 80 national continuing education programs every year and recruits nearly 600 students and scholars.

Strong scientific research strength, for nearly three years nearly 200 items of national natural science fund, "973" chief, "863" in item 2, 4 items, special led by two major national science and technology in the 12th five-year national science and technology support plan of more than 480 more than 3 items, the department of the municipal projects, published more than 2400, of which more than 1000 SCI papers, one won the second prize of national science and technology progress, the other more than 10 provincial awards.

At the beginning of the 20th century, huashan hospital and Massachusetts general hospital of harvard medical school became sister hospitals, becoming the 15th united hospital of harvard medical school in the world. Professors and doctors from harvard medical school hold regular academic exchanges and lectures in huashan hospital. Through selection, the hospital sends young experts, scholars and management cadres to receive training at harvard. In addition, the hospital also has in-depth cooperation with Mayo Clinic, university of Birmingham, university hospital of kitasato, university of Vienna medical university, university of southern California and other institutions, introducing the highest level of international medical technology and management model, and comprehensively enhancing the strength and brand of the hospital.

At the same time, the comprehensive strength of the hospital has been fully proved. "Huashan" cica summit in 2014, the 2012 London Olympics, F1 grand prix in China, the international cycling union woman highway, fina world championships, World Cup short-track speed skating world championships, the NBA preseason, V8 rv, MOTOGP, the iaaf golden grand prix, expo 2010 and other international events, events, and U.S. President barack Obama's visit to China, and other important foreign affairs activities of medical security work, leaders at all levels and international related sports association officials high praise and praise.

Huashan hospital, formerly known as the "general hospital and medical hall of the Red Cross society of China", was funded and built by shen dunhe, the initiator of the Red Cross society of China. Since its establishment, huashan hospital has always held high the banner of the Red Cross and engraved the spirit of "humanity, fraternity and dedication" on the development track of a hundred years. Especially in recent years, the hospital rescue teams successively in the wenchuan earthquake relief, the winner of the central committee of the communist party of China and the state council and the central military commission jointly issued the "earthquake relief heroes collective highest honor"), the expo health care (won the Red Cross society of China Red Cross to participate in the expo advanced collective "title), the Philippines quake relief after the founding of the people, for the first time the international Red Cross relief), hematopoietic stem cells collected donations (consecutive years won the Shanghai Red Cross the hematopoietic stem cell donation work special support award), disaster emergency rescue capability (the Red Cross society of China is one of the three national rescue team linked units). A great deal of work has been done in helping poor patients, with prominent public welfare attributes and remarkable social benefits.

Hospital pays great attention to the connotation of quality construction, and humanistic care, embody "humanitarian, fraternity and dedication" spirit of the Red Cross, huashan staff under the guidance of the leadership, carry forward the "dedicated before others," the spirit of an active part in the direction of the public a new round of reform, both on construction and brand connotation, big step towards an international hospital objectives to forge ahead!

East hospital of huashan hospital affiliated to fudan university (second name: Shanghai international hospital) is located in jinqiao district, pudong district, Shanghai, adjacent to biyun international community, 25 kilometers away from pudong international airport, with well developed transportation.

Huashan hospital covers an area of nearly 50 mu, has a beautiful environment and complete facilities. In addition to Cyberknife and other international advanced medical equipment, it also has complete medical facilities such as DSA, MRI, CT and color doppler. Has more than 200 hospital beds and zhang, care unit 40 beds, diagnosis and treatment subject has a dermatologist, neurosurgery, neurology, wave a knife treatment center, endocrinology, gastroenterology dept., general internal medicine, sports medicine, infection, heart, respiratory, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, with plastic surgery, venous catheter nursing, gynecology, general surgery, pain, severe disciplines such as medicine, anesthesiology, and the opening of a health management center and the famous doctor studio and international division; Since August 2010, the international outpatient department in cooperation with united family includes: general practice, pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, otolaryngology, urology, endocrinology, dermatology, digestive science and psychology.

As a supporting medical institution of biyun international community, east hospital has largely solved the medical problems of foreigners in biyun international community and its surrounding areas. It is a comprehensive state-owned public hospital with special needs, providing health management services and appointment services for experts of famous medical studios.



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