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General practice will be on record from February 2019! Get the permit in 30 days at the soonest


A few days ago, Shanghai municipal health and health commission issued the "notice on the implementation of archival filing management for the examination and approval of Shanghai general practice clinics" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") (the full text is attached), announcing that from February 1, 2019, the examination and approval of Shanghai general practice clinics will implement the archival filing management, and announced the archival materials and requirements.

Shanghai green light general practice record system attention
On 25 July this year, the Shanghai municipal government officially announced the Shanghai municipal people's government of promoting the city's health service development to speed up the construction of high quality first-class medical center city several opinions, support general clinic run by social forces, encourage the development of family doctors group, foster a batch of chains, and the implementation of general clinic records. The 50 rules of Shanghai health service industry have aroused high attention of the industry, and the industry is most concerned about when and whether they can be truly implemented. Now, the implementation details of 50 rules of Shanghai health service industry on the opening of general practice clinics come: from February 1, 2019, Shanghai general practice clinics will be subject to record management for approval.

We will support licensed doctors who are qualified as general practitioners to open general practice clinics and implement a record-keeping system. Encourage the community to set up general practice clinics to enter the management and support system of community health service center platform, and allow the platform to purchase family doctor services provided by clinics according to relevant regulations. Support gp clinics in providing family bed services.

Since then, Shanghai has given the green light for the opening of general practice clinics, which, like traditional Chinese medicine clinics (which are now based on a national record system -- a note edited by gao private fu kgn091), need only be registered.
The general practice records management request has come

To set up a general practice clinic, it shall put on record to the local district health administrative department and submit the archival materials (see the attachment). After accepting the filing application, the district health administrative department shall issue the medical institution practice license within 30 working days if the materials are complete and meet the requirements. If the examination fails, the applicant shall be informed of the examination result in written form.

The subject of diagnosis and treatment approved by general clinics is "general medical treatment", and the specific scope of diagnosis and treatment shall be in accordance with the scope of "basic medical services provided by community health service institutions" stipulated in article 7 of "administrative measures for urban community health service institutions (trial)" (weifu social development [2006] no. 239).

Those who are capable of providing family sickbed service shall implement the service in accordance with the "notice on developing family sickbed service in accordance with the local standard of Shanghai < family sickbed service standard > >" (huwei grassroots [2010] no.16), register the corresponding service mode, and incorporate it into the municipal family sickbed management and evaluation system.

The opening up of general practice clinics in Shanghai is only the beginning
Although the policy is currently only implemented locally, the state's determination to strongly support the opening of gp clinics is firm. In the next few years, general practice clinics will become an important part of grassroots medical institutions, sharing the work of grassroots diagnosis and treatment as well as family doctor services. For example, 45 family doctor clinics will be opened in pudong new area of Shanghai in 2018, and 143 family doctor clinics will cover the whole pudong new area in the future.

As we know, the meaning of family doctor is general practitioner. In the next few years, the number of general practitioners will be in short supply. Therefore, the state will increasingly support the training of general practitioners and the establishment of general clinics.

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