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Varicose veins

Varicose veins refer to the tortuous and dilated veins caused by factors such as blood stasis and weak vein wall. Varicose can happen to the vein of many place of the body, for instance haemorrhoid is a kind of varicose vein actually, clinical and visible still have esophagus gastric bottom varicose vein, varicose of spermatic cable vein and abdominal wall vein to wait a moment. Varicose veins most often occur in the lower extremities. It is worth emphasizing that varicose veins are secondary manifestations of other lesions.
The cause of
Varicose veins of the lower limbs are caused by many reasons, the most common being simple superficial varicose veins of the lower limbs. Another important etiology is found in primary deep venous valve insufficiency of lower limbs (PDVI), because it is often associated with great saphenous vein valve insufficiency, mostly showing tortuous expansion of superficial veins. In addition, deep venous thrombosis syndrome of lower limbs occurs due to superficial venous compensatory tortuous dilation due to deep venous backflow. Lower extremity arteriovenous fistula, venous malformation and bone hypertrophy syndrome may also have superficial varicose manifestations of lower extremity; Obstruction of inferior vena cava reflux, such as buga syndrome, can also lead to varicose veins in the lower extremities.

Clinical manifestations of
1. The surface blood vessels are varicose like earthworms, protruding obviously out of the skin, and the varicose vessels are lumpy or nodular;
2. Acid swelling in the legs, pigmentation, desquamation and pruritus in the skin, and swelling in the ankles;
3. Strange sensation in the limbs, including tingling, tickling, numbness and burning;
4. Increased epidermal temperature, pain and tenderness;
5. Local gangrene and ulcers.
If it is simple superficial varicose vein of lower limbs, general clinical symptoms are lighter, progress is slower, mostly simple varicose, a few cases can have thrombotic phlebitis, venous ulcer and other conditions; If be deep vein valve function is not complete, even deep vein circumvence is blocked circumstance, then the illness is relatively heavier, crus stands heavy feeling from time to time, easy fatigue, the strut of even lower limb reachs bilge to break sex ache, later period produces cutaneous nutrition sex change, take off the formation of scurf, atrophy, pigmentation, eczema ulcer.



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