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Abdominal orthopedic

Abdominal wall plastic surgery is refers to the abdominal wall more fat accumulation and accompanied by obvious abdominal wall tissue relaxation, even the formation of a sagging relaxation of the "apron-like" abdominal wall or "pot abdominal" deformity of the abdominal wall correction surgery.
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Abdominal a large number of fat accumulation, poor skin elasticity.

Basic introduction
This kind of deformity causes the patient appearance to be ugly, the movement is clumsy, the life is inconvenient, the serious influence patient's social contact, the sports, the work, causes partial patient mental disorder, the psychology abnormal condition.

There are many methods of abdominal wall plastic surgery, and the basic surgical process is to remove the subcutaneous tissue including loose skin and excessive adipose tissue on the surface of rectus sheath, draw in the separated rectus abdominis muscle, and tighten the relaxed abdominal aponeurosis. Abdominal marker should be made before operation.

Low level excision
In this method, a line formed along the inguinal region on both sides of the lower abdomen and above the pubic symphysis is used as the incision line, from which the flap is separated upwards. The advantage is that the scar is the most hidden, can be removed below the umbilical mass of skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue. According to the different shapes of the incision line, it can be divided into several operative methods: low level, low arc, low W and low inverted trapezoid.

Resonance liposuction
It is to pass the method of mechanical negative pressure to suck the redundant adipose of abdominal wall, apply to those weight normal or be close to normal, but the limitation abdomen that causes as a result of endocrine, heredity is adipose and overmuch, or systemic simple sex is fat, abdomen adipose and overmuch influence exterior and life person. But plastic surgery expert professor wang lichuan pointed out that pathological obesity is not suitable for liposuction.
Liposuction operation: the doctor in the navel, pubic hair area or iliac ministry and other hidden parts of the design of 1-2 not more than 1 cm small incision, in the painless condition with liposuction machine to remove unwanted fat. Experienced plastic surgeons will choose different models and curves of the suction tube according to the specific situation, in order to shape a more flat, natural transition, beautiful curve abdominal shape. Minor daily activities were allowed on the day after surgery, and normal work was resumed within 2-3 days.



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