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Hepatobiliary malignancy

Hepatic malignancy usually refers to liver cancer. Liver malignancies can be divided into primary and secondary types. Primary hepatic malignancy arises from the epithelium or mesenchyma of the liver. Secondary or metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) refers to a malignant tumor originating from multiple organs of the body that invades the liver. It is more commonly seen in the stomach, biliary tract, pancreas, colorectum, ovary, uterus, lung, breast and other organs of malignant liver metastasis.

The etiology of primary hepatocellular carcinoma is not completely clear, but it is believed to be caused by multiple factors, including environmental factors and gene mutation. Epidemiology and experimental research data show that hepatitis b virus (HBV) and hepatitis c virus (HCV) infection, aflatoxin, drinking water pollution, alcohol, cirrhosis, sex hormones, nitrosamines, trace elements and so on are associated with liver cancer. Secondary liver cancer (metastatic liver cancer) may occur through different pathways, such as blood, lymphatic metastasis or direct infiltration into the liver.



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