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Mastopexy (bilateral)

The area where the lower margin of the breast meets the surface of the torso is called the submammary fold. In a reasonable situation, especially in young women, the level of the nipple is above the submammary fold, and falling below it is called breast ptosis. In whole female world, the scale of breast prolapse is not low, this is a kind of be short of regret undoubtedly to the woman that love beauty. No wonder there are so many women to breast sag sad, to make the breast straight up, they will run around, seeking medical advice. In fact, the shape of the breast and congenital factors have a great relationship, affected by genetic factors. But this is not to say the breast cannot "transform", mammary prolapse also is such, want to be kind to the breast only, caress has just, can reduce or avoid regrettable happening.

According to the degree of breast ptosis is different, can divide it into 3 degrees: I degree: mammary ptosis, tit and mammary turn polyline parallel. Degree II: the position of the nipple is lower than the inverted line of the skin under the breast, but higher than the lowest position of the breast. III degrees: the nipple is located in the lowest position of the breast, but some breast ptosis, especially the breast distal hypertrophy, although the ptosis is more serious, the nipple position is still not in the lowest place of the breast, such should also be regarded as III degree ptosis.

Appearance shape
The exterior configuration of breast prolapse has 3 kinds commonly, prolapse of breast of shape of spindle shape breast, triangle towel and ox horn shape breast prolapse.
Spindle-shaped breast ptosis is a breast ptosis characterized by shortened transverse diameter at the base of the breast. The circular coronal plane at the base of the breast is smaller than the coronal plane at the distal end of the breast, which looks like a spindle, so it is called spindle breast ptosis. This kind of breast ptosis deformity is caused by the hernia of breast tissue falling to the areola area subcutaneously, and is often associated with areola magna syndrome. See more at the young and middle-aged woman after lactation.
Triangle towel shape breast is flagging department whole breast shows flat form, resemble the triangle towel that hangs on chest wall, reason gets a name. The coronal surface at the base of the breast is long and oval, the longitudinal diameter of the breast is larger than the transverse diameter, and there is no obvious hernia of breast tissue falling to the subcutaneous area of areola. More common in elderly women, especially postmenopausal women.
Horn breast sagging breasts base coronal and distal coronal basic equal, or distal slightly smaller, longer longitudinal diameter breast, nipple in breast logoff, appearance, such as ox horn, fiber and fat tissue inside the breast relatively increased, breast tissue, breast feel is relatively dense, better skin elasticity, such breasts more than seen in young women.



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