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Bone cancer

Bone tumors are tumors that occur in the bone or its surrounding tissues. There are benign and malignant. Malignant bone tumor is often referred to as "bone cancer" by the common people, [1] with rapid development, poor prognosis and high mortality. Malignant bone tumors are classified as primary and secondary. Metastasis of malignant tumors from other tissues or organs in the body to the bone via blood circulation and lymphatic system is secondary malignant bone tumor. There is also a kind of lesion called tumor-like lesion, the tumor-like lesion tissue does not have the characteristics of tumor cell morphology, but its ecology and behavior are destructive of tumor, generally more limited, easy to cure.

The cause of
There is no known cause. Internal cause has diathesis theory, gene theory, endocrine theory; External cause has chemical element material and inside and outside irradiation chronic stimulation theory, virus infection theory and so on. Some cases of multiple osteochondroma and fibrous hyperplasia are related to familial inheritance. Benign tumors of bone can become malignant.

Clinical manifestations of
1. The pain
It is the main symptom that bone tumour appears early, ill the beginning is lighter, show intermittence, as the progress of the disease, ache can aggravate gradually, development is durative. Most patients experience increased pain during the night that interferes with sleep. The pain can radiate far away.

2. Swelling or swelling
Subperiosteal or superficial tumors may appear early and may touch the bone and deform. If the tumor breaks outside the bone, it may produce a fixed soft tissue mass with a smooth or uneven surface.

In the later stage of bone tumor, the affected part will be impaired due to pain and swelling, and may be accompanied by corresponding muscle atrophy.

Symptoms of compression
The tumor that grows inside cranial cavity and nasal cavity, can oppress the organization of brain and nose, appear accordingly cranial compression and the symptom of breath not free; Pelvic tumor can compress rectum and bladder, produce defecate and micturition difficulty; Spinal tumors can compress the spinal cord and cause paralysis.

5. Deformity
The deformity was caused by tumor affecting the development and firmness of limb bone, especially the lower limb.

6. Pathological fracture
Tumor site as long as there is a slight external force is easy to cause fracture, fracture site swelling pain, spinal pathologic fracture often associated with paraplegia.

Systemic symptoms
Bone tumor later because of tumor consumption, toxin stimulation and painful torture, can appear a series of systemic symptoms, such as insomnia, irritability, loss of appetite, spirit, pale, progressive wasting, anemia, cachexia.
Such as metastatic bone cancer, according to the primary disease can have the corresponding clinical manifestations.



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