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Successful treatment of bladder cancer


Last may, doctors in Iowa city, Iowa, gave client G five months to live. He had been diagnosed with bladder cancer a few days earlier and he and his wife were devastated. That's when client G's daughter and her fiance went online and found Anderson. Today, due to MD Anderson's bladder cancer progression, client G is cancer-free and is now enjoying life in Iowa.

Came to MD Anderson for bladder cancer treatment
Anderson hospital was the right choice for client G and the first sign was during his previous visit. Doctors and nurses gave him hope - and at this point he had little. "" they were very encouraging and talked like I had a chance to keep going," "he said. "They're positive, and that's what you want." After a series of tests, client G's doctor - oncologist Dr Golden sheng and surgeon J made treatment plans. They started with chemotherapy to shrink the tumor. If chemotherapy is successful, client G will have surgery to remove the bladder. Chemical work. By mid-september, scans showed the tumor had shrunk to half its size. Doctor's order: hurry home for daughter's wedding, at that moment, client G is ready for operation. But the process was put on hold for a few days so client G could attend his daughter's wedding. "I always try to see the world through the patient's eyes to understand what I want. Doctor S says the whole reason patients travel long distances, endure chemotherapy regimens and agree to treatment for major cancers is because they want to spend more time with their loved ones on the planet. "" let client G miss his daughter's wedding because his surgery will beat that. I also have a little girl's wedding that I'm not going to miss. "Client G flew back to Houston the day after the wedding. Two days later, he underwent surgery.

A new method for bladder cancer surgery
In general, patients who have had surgery for bladder cancer have a long history of difficulty recovering from it. But he benefited from a new approach developed by Dr Shah, with several changes made before, during and after the surgery. For example, two hours before surgery, patients can drink clear liquids. This keeps them hydrated and helps them quickly recover from eating solid foods. Pain medications are also administered at the end of surgery, helping to prevent more painful pain before surgery. This skill works for client G. Bladder surgery typically requires 10 to 14 days in the hospital, followed by a slow recovery at home that can take months. Client G was discharged three days after surgery. By late October, he had recovered. He has now regained more than 20 pounds during chemotherapy, enough to lift, walk on a treadmill and even play golf. It was a remarkable turnaround, he admits, just a few months after a year ago. Client G said: "there are so many things that are part of the miracle I've experienced. "But Anderson hospital is one of the big parts."

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