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Company Profile
empire healthcare and technology is committed to building a national high-quality overseas medical platform

(In the early stage of the project, we will build a professional overseas cancer treatment platform in China)

empire healthcare and technology was founded in 2017, headquartered in London, UK, and now has a Chinese branch in Shenzhen. Anpu collects the worldchr(34)s top hospitals, authoritative medical teams, high-quality escorts, and the worldchr(34)s leading medical resources, and combines with Internet technology, artificial intelligence, instant messaging and big data analysis technology to provide diamond-level professional services for patientschr(34)overseas medical consultation and purchase of new drugs and special medicines; and to provide a large number of letters for doctorschr(34) multi-point practice, medical technology training and continuing education. Interest and guidance. Anpu is committed to building a high-quality overseas medical treatment platform in China and an overseas anti-cancer medical platform.

Innovation one
The platform provides instant online medical consultation, real-time video diagnosis and treatment, health data tracking and multinational medical services to Chinese medical Internet users. Through online remote real-time and offline doctorchr(34)s disease diagnosis system, patients can not go out to receive health consultation and disease diagnosis from domestic or international doctors.

Innovation two
The platform uses artificial intelligence technology and image processing technology to conduct in-depth analysis and learning of data and medical records, thereby systematically classifying, analyzing, predicting and artificial intelligence pre-diagnosis of diseases.

Innovation three
The database of doctors, patients and cases collected by the platform will provide real-time updates of international medical technology and drug information, massive patient records resources and medical information feedback for medical industry and academic research in China.
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